insulin pump

Preparing infusion set

   Open a Reservoir Set

  Insert Needle of Transfer Guard to Insulin Penfill

  Now take insulin in reservoir by pulling plunger

  Remove air bubble by tapping followed by pushing plunger and disconnect transfer guard

  Now remove Plunger by rotating it anticlockwise

  Quick set containing infusion tubing to be opened

  Reservoir be connected to Infusion Set

  Must to Rewind Pump before putting Reservoir

  From Prime menu select Rewind, Press Act

  Rewind completion denoted by 3 beep sounds and pump will automatically ask to PRIME, Enter Reservoir in Pump Now

  Inserting the reservoir in the Pump and Lock the Reservoir

  Pump will prompt to start PRIMING, for this press and hold ACT till prime completed

  Priming Process review

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